Advantages and Disadvantages of Norton Antivirus

There are many advantages and disadvantages of Norton antivirus. One of the primary drawbacks is usually its higher price. The program are found about other websites for free or perhaps less than a $. Another key drawback is certainly its high memory use. A few users believe that it is to scan their system at an uncomfortably slow-moving speed. Irrespective of these restrictions, Norton’s anti virus program is known as a solid decision for many users.

Its easy-to-use user interface is likewise a big as well as. It is not hard to use intended for beginners, and the bright interface makes it easy to navigate. It also suggests if you will find any changes, and it includes quick works. This characteristic is great for newbies. However , this feature has its own serious disadvantages, such as applying norton antivirus pros and cons up a lot of memory and affecting overall performance. This problem can often be avoided simply using a different anti-virus program.

A second disadvantage of Norton antivirus can be its cost. The subscription charge for this software program begins to enhance dramatically after the second day. It is a the best value for the money, but users should be aware of the renewal costs. The program is usually convenient while offering many features, but it is usually expensive and a lot of resources. The program also makes computers reduced. It requires a whole lot of memory space and is certainly not suited for beginners. You might like to consider a lower-cost option.

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